1. If fishes were wishes, the ocean would dream.
  2. Small minds gather in large numbers.
  3. Life is a film that is unscripted, unedited, and unable to be played in reverse.
  4. Pain is inevitable, suffering optional, scars indelible.
  5. Memories form in an instant, last a for a lifetime, but vanish as time goes by.
  6. God taught me to love; church taught me to hate.
  7. Free speech is sacred until someone disagrees with you.
  8. Democracy demands that every person have a voice; democracy functions when only some voices are heard.
  9. Man was made for political parties; political parties were not made for man.
  10. Quiet voices can move mountains; loud voices can stop progress.
  11. I dreamt a dream of a life where dreams come true.
  12. When the infatuation ends, promises are broken, and desire dwindles, love is what’s left.
  13. Politicians, like sentences, should move from subject to action.
  14. At 18, I knew everything. At 25, I knew nothing. By 30, I’m hoping there will be a third option.
  15. Truth is like a pebble, easily buried.
  16. One person is smart, people are stupid!
  17. The deepest wounds come not from the blade of an enemy but from the sharp words of a friend.
  18. Death is a scavenger. With greedy paws, it scratches through an open space and steals into your home. Silently slinking from room to room, it searches for something wounded to sink its teeth into. Perhaps something young, mildly bloody from a fight. Easy pickings if it uses its claws just right. Perhaps, something old, already broken and still. Something that won’t be able to fend off the kill. It’s really not a picky eater, truth be told. But the bones it leaves behind, make every house grow cold.
  19. An old man with whiskey breath and tar burned fingers coins at a local flea market. I only met him twice; instead of getting to know his granddaughter, he hustled the people passing by. “Found these beauties in WWII from someone who didn’t need them anymore,” he said in his thick German accent. His family knew it was a lie, an extra coat of polish to give his collection a brighter shine. But after he passed away, we realized we were wrong. In the back of his closet for everyone to see, was an all-black uniform with a swastika sewn on the sleeve.
  20. I’ve always envied my Aunt Lorrie. At 14, she ran off with the circus. Awed by the trapeze dancers and elephant men, she hit the road with them. For months, she shoveled stables and scrubbed down the carts. Though her story about the freaks always gets laughs at Sunday dinner, I can’t help but hate her. As I look around the table, from Uncle Kenny’s glass eye to Roger’s technicolor crack-pipe, Sandra’s 80s hair and Disco jewelry, to Grandma’s sunken-in lips painted in a bold purple – I’m reminded that though Lorrie got to leave the circus, I’m still here.

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